Case Study: BLACK FURY LSDF Successfully Drills Wells Throughout the Rocky Mountain District

Lower Piceance Basin, Colorado

Challenge: Wells throughout the Lower Piceance Basin are historically very difficult to drill because of the extremely high amount of drilling fluid lost to the hole. Wells in this region also often encounter severe sloughing shales, which can cause hole washouts (primarily in the Wasatch G formation).

Solution: With full knowledge of the inherent problems in the Piceance Basin, the Alpine drilling team designed a drilling fluid that was slightly more expensive than the norm but that addressed all of the area’s drilling problems. After extensive testing in the Bakersfield, California, and Houston, Texas, laboratories, the fluid was fine-tuned to be more suitable for lower fluid densities as well.

Result: The systems containing the BLACK FURY product performed well above expectations in the Lower Piceance Basin. LSDF systems with the BLACK FURY product reduced drilling time for these wells from 25-31 days to 10-15 days and reduced losses to 900-1,200 bbl per well from the previous level of 3,000-8,000 bbl per well. All hole problems were virtually eliminated in conjunction with a major reduction in reaming.

The Details

Extensive testing of the BLACK FURY systems product was targeted toward creating a fluid that was shear thinning so as not to exert additional stress on the wellbore. The fluid needed to plug and seal the formation and adequately clean the hole. The BLACK FURY LSDF product provides all of this and more.

Download: BLACK FURY LSDF Successfully Drills Wells (0.46 MB PDF)

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"BLACK FURY LSDF has been instrumental in drilling numerous problem free wells throughout the Lower Piceance Basin in Colorado by eliminating key problems in the area.”
Brady Allen
IFE Project Engineer
Rocky Mountain District