Performance Report: DRILL BEADS Significantly Reduce Extreme Over-pull in Directional Well

Pakistan, Land

Challenge: While tripping out of the hole, apart from the persistent drag in the hole, the over pull would increase substantially to about 120,000 lb (over pull) at approximately 4,570 ft. This poses a serious problem for both the contractor and the operator since the over pull margin for the drill string is approximately 340,000 lb but the drill line and the mast rating reach their respective 80% ratings. It becomes important to get the string released quickly and with less jarring. Considering the trajectory and 3D profile of the well, the neutral point of the string slacks to the lower side of the well bore, thus making it very difficult to fire the drilling jar and achieve the jarring necessary to get the string released.

Solution: The drilling team decided to spot ALPINE DRILL BEADS, a completely spherical co-polymer bead designed to act as a mechanical lubricant.

Result: ALPINE DRILL BEADS were spotted in the annulus at a concentration of 4 ppb (2 ppb coarse and 2 ppb fine). The maximum over-pull during the trip was 10,000 lb. The well was completed with no further problems.

Download: ALPINE DRILL BEADS Significantly Reduce Extreme Over-pull in Directional Well (0.08 MB PDF)

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