Performance Report: FORM-A-SQUEEZE Additive Stops Losses and Allows Operator to Continue Drilling

Billings County, North Dakota

Challenge: Moderate to severe losses of up to 180 bbl/hr began at 9,430 ft and total losses had reached 1,700 bbl by 10,546 ft. All attempts to use conventional LCM failed to control the losses.

Solution: Alpine Specialty Chemicals recommended using the FORM-A-SQUEEZE additive, a high fluid-loss squeeze pill, in the open hole to see if losses could be managed while drilling to interval TD. A high-solids, high-fluid loss pill made up of 150 bbl of FORM-A-SQUEEZE additive was mixed in water and weighted to 10.4 ppg. Thirty sacks of TIGER BULLETS were also added to the mix to help suspend the barite due to poor agitation in pits. Total mix time was 2 hour and 45 minutes.

Result: The operator was able to pump the squeeze pill through the drilling BHA and perform the squeeze procedure without having to make a trip. Full returns were established and drilling was continued and the cost of having to make an extra trip was avoided.


The operator followed the recommended procedure:
  • Pumped and displaced 100 final barrels of squeeze pill at 40 str/min. Total pump time was 3 hours.
  • Pulled 10 stands in to casing shoe and circulated bottoms-up, approximately 1 hour.
  • Shut in and squeeze 30 bbl to a pressure of 215 psi, bled off to 150 psi; wait 7 hours.
  • Start hesitation squeeze, pump 4.5 bbl to pressure of 215 psi, bled off to 180 psi.
  • Squeeze 3.5 bbl to 220 psi, pressure held for 30 min.
  • Squeeze 2.6 bbl to 220 psi, bled of to 200 psi.
  • Squeeze 1.6 bbl to 220 psi, pressure held at 210 psi.
  • Open well up and start slow pump with full returns, stage pump up to drill rate (140 str/min) with no losses.
  • Wash and ream to bottom with no losses; drill ahead with no losses.

Download: FORM-A-SQUEEZE Additive Stops Losses and Allows Operator to Continue Drilling (0.09 MB PDF)

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