Performance Report: QUICK SLIDE Helps Cut Torque, Increases ROP in HTHP Well Using WBM

Haynesville Shale, Red River Parrish, LA

Challenge: The drilling fluids program for an HTHP well called for a water-based mud as opposed to the oil-based drilling fluids typically used in the area. However, the operator was concerned that, unlike an oil-based mud, using a water-based drilling fluid in the directional well would pose lubricity and wellbore stability problems.

Solution: ALPINE SPECIALITY CHEMICALS recommended the operator incorporate its QUICK SLIDE multi-blend lubricant in the water-based mud. QUICK SLIDE is a combination of a liquid lubricant and a mechanical lubricant in the form of co-polymer drill beads. An 18.4 lb/gal (2.2 sg) field mud sample was sent to the Alpine lab for a pilot test, with the results showing a 25% reduction in HTHP and a 35% reduction in dynamic filter cake. The lubricity tester showed a 27% reduction in the co-efficient of friction. Owing to the results, the operator agreed to use the ALPINE QUICK SLIDE in its upcoming well. The lubricant was to be added during the lateral when torque was an issue.

Result: When a 30-bbl sweep with 6% QUICK SLIDE was pumped into the lateral section torque dropped 30% from a high of 22K to a high of 15K. Moreover, the rate of penetration increased from 1-3 ft/hr (.3-to .9 m/hr) to 25-30 ft/hr ( 8-9 m/hr). The torque would average 10-12K for the rest of the lateral.

The Details

At approximately 2,000 ft (610 m) into the lateral section torque was at 20-22K, at which point QUICK SLIDE was added to the active mud system. Anytime torque would begin to rise, 10-bbl sweeps of QUICK SLIDE would be pumped. An estimated 1-1.5% per volume of QUICK SLIDE was incorporated in the mud system.

Download: QUICK SLIDE Helps Cut Torque, Increases ROP in HTHP Well Using WBM (0.45 MB PDF)

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