Performance Report: RAPID SWEEP Polymer Sticks Cleans Hole in Preparation for Smooth Casing Run

Lafayette District

Challenge: A gumbo attack was encountered at 1,800 ft while drilling through a 17 ½ inch directional surface section with a low pH gel and PHPA fluid as the primary drilling fluid for this section.

Solution: ALPINE SPECIALTY CHEMICALS recommended the use RAPID SWEEP polymer sticks at a rate of three sticks in every drill pipe connection. A polymer concentration of 3 ppb was maintained in the active system by using the polymer sticks.

Result: By applying ALPINE’s RAPID SWEEP polymer sticks at the problem zone, the well was able to achieve proper gumbo encapsulation and control and provide proper hole cleaning for the smooth application of the surface casing without any hole issues.

The Details

After encountering a gumbo attack at 1,800 ft the operator decided to apply Alpine’s Rapid Sweep polymer sticks at each connection to improve hole cleaning through better gumbo encapsulation and also assist in reducing bit/BHA balling.

  • Well was spudded with low pH Gel and PHPA mud
  • A gumbo attack was observed at 1,800 ft
  • Started adding 3 Rapid Sweep polymer stick every connection; maintained 3 ppb in active system
  • Easily dispersed into the drilling fluid
  • Extremely safe and easy method of treatment (on the rig floor during connections) compared to the pervious method (using liquid polymer in VIS cups)
  • Good gumbo encapsulation was noted at the rig shakers
  • After reaching TD in this section, 13 ⅜ inch surface casing was run to bottom with no hole problems
  • MWD tools were not affected by the Rapid Sweep addition.

Download: RAPID SWEEP Polymer Sticks Cleans Hole in Preparation for Smooth Casing Run (0.49 MB PDF)

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