Performance Report: Safe and Improved Hole Cleaning Ability While Utilizing Alpine’s RAPID SWEEP Polymer Sticks

Ward County, West Texas

Challenge: Very fast drilling (surface interval) is encountered, the operator has to pump at flow rates closer to 900 GPM and hole cleaning becomes a no. 1 priority. Lower interval has Red Beds that tend to ball up bit and BHA.

Solution: Use of RAPID SWEEP polymer sticks in every drill pipe connection.

Result: Through the assistance of Alpine’s RAPID SWEEP polymer sticks, surface casing was ran smoothly without any hole issues. Improved hole cleaning and minimized Bit/BHA balling was observed using the RAPID SWEEP polymer sticks.

The Details

One of the major operators wanted to drill their surface interval fast and run their surface casing without any issues. Alpine team recommends utilizing Rapid Sweep polymer sticks to improve/aid hole cleaning during this interval as well as reducing bit/BHA balling in Red Bed interval.

  • Well Spudded with Gel/Lime Spud Mud
  • Once HWDP was down the hole (buried in drilling terms)
  • Started adding 1 Rapid Sweep polymer stick every connection
  • Easily dissolved in the drilling fluid
  • Extremely safe and easy method of treatment (on the rig floor during connections) compared to the pervious method (using liquid polymer in VIS cups)
  • Improved hole cleaning as observed by 20-30% excess drill cuttings coming over the rig shakers
  • Drilled the Red Bed interval at an average of 155 ft/hr
  • Torque/drag was never an issue during this interval
  • Proper shaker screen selection is also key to control high volume of drill cuttings
  • Surface casing set without any issues.

Download: Safe and Improved Hole Cleaning Ability While Utilizing Alpine’s RAPID SWEEP Polymer Sticks (0.10 MB PDF)

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