Performance Report: DRILL BEADS and DRILL BEAD Recovery Unit Help Set a Record

North Dakota

Challenge: An operator needed to alleviate continued drill and slide problems encountered in the first 70% of this 9,200-ft (2,804-m) lateral section and provide continuous ROP with little torque and drag.

Solution: The operator chose to use ALPINE DRILL BEADS product initially in slide pill form and to employ the ALPINE DRILL BEAD Recovery Unit (BRU) thereafter as needed.

Result: Despite applying ALPINE DRILL BEADS additive and BRU were utilized midway through the lateral section, the operator was able to drill to TD in five days without having to make any trips. This clearly resulted in significant cost savings. Also, for this particular rig, the well was completed in 10 days less time than the best well drilled to date.

The Details

  • The operator started utilizing the BRU at 14,700 ft (4,481 m)
  • 3 to 4 lb/gal of DRILL BEADS product were maintained in the system (opened to the reserve pit)
  • No trips were required while drilling this lateral section—a one bit run
  • The well was drilled to total depth (TD) at 19,850 ft (6,050 m) in 23½ days, including only 5 days of BRU usage
  • The well was completed earlier, cutting 10 days from the best well drilled by the same rig
  • The operator benefited from a significant cost reduction.

Download: DRILL BEADS and DRILL BEAD Recovery Unit Help Set a Record (0.44 MB PDF)

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