Performance Report: Use of DRILL BEADS Recovery Unit Eliminates Trips in Lengthy Lateral Sections

North Dakota

Challenge: Drilling problems were anticipated in the 8,660-ft lateral section, so the ALPINE DRILL BEAD Recovery Unit was rigged up.

Solution: The operator chose to start up the unit and apply ALPINE DRILL BEADS lubricant to the system at a point when MM failure appeared to occur.

Result: The BRU was rigged up 40% along the lateral section and held on stand-by for five days until problems arose. About 63% along the section, the operator was preparing to TOTH because of MM stalling and new tools. Starting the BRU and applying the ALPINE DRILL BEADS additive saved the day with all problems immediately being resolved. In addition to an improved ROP, no trips were deemed necessary in this lateral section—a first for this rig.

The Details

  • Rigged up the BRU @ 14,365 ft (4,378 m) and left on stand-by for five days before use
  • Mud motor was stalling @ 16,500 ft (5,029 m) and they were preparing to TOTH for new tools
  • The BRU was used, maintaining 2-3-lb/bbl ALPINE DRILL BEADS in the closed loop system
  • An immediate reduction in MM problems and tool issues was observed
  • ROP was improved during slides
  • The well reached TD @ 19,694 ft (4,479 m) without any trips in this lateral section, saving the agitator run
  • This was the first well drilled by this rig without having to make any trips in the lateral section.

Download: Use of DRILL BEADS Recovery Unit Eliminates Trips in Lengthy Lateral Sections (0.44 MB PDF)

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