Performance Report: DRILL BEAD Recovery Unit Recovers Lost Days and Finishes Well Ahead of Plan

North Dakota

Challenge: An operator needed to achieve smooth drilling operations with low torque and drag and improved ROP.

Solution: Despite using an oil-based-mud (OBM) system, problems were encountered in the surface and intermediate sections, resulting in a loss of four days. In addition, four trips were made due to MWD/MM failure.

Result: Through the utilization of the Alpine DRILL BEADS lubricant and BRU, this lateral well experienced an 80% increase in ROP and the operator recovered four lost days. The well was successfully drilled and finished one day ahead of schedule, despite other problems and tool failures.

The Details

This major independent began running the BRU with 4-lb/bbl Alpine DRILL BEADS product applied to the system in the lateral section at 10,614 ft (3,235 m), and finished with 6-lb/bbl Alpine DRILL BEADS product. The system was also utilized in the reaming program to prepare for the casing run.

  • ROP increased by 80%
  • TOTH and TITH were performed without any problems
  • No problems were encountered on the casing run
  • The lateral section was drilled without an agitator
  • Four days were recovered and the operator realized savings from finishing one day ahead of the program.

Download: DRILL BEAD Recovery Unit Recovers Lost Days and Finishes Well Ahead of Plan (0.44 MB PDF)

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