Efficient and economic

The ALPINE DRILL BEAD recovery unit minimizes the number of ALPINE DRILL BEAD particles lost to surface solids-control equipment, thus eliminating costly and repetitive additions of drill beads to the mud system. Without the recovery unit, the majority of drill beads would be removed from the circulating system at the shale shakers. The unit is compatible with all water-, oil-, and synthetic-base fluid systems.

Streamlined design

The streamlined design of the ALPINE DRILL BEAD recovery unit fits any rig and meets OSHA standards. The unit’s design includes self-contained shale shakers with an efficient processing tank and a centrifugal pumps manifold attached on the skid. An electrical power box is built onto the skid for easy rig-up.

Minimal personnel requirements

The equipment for the ALPINE DRILL BEAD recovery unit arrives on location complete with hoses and transfer pumps for maximum efficiency. Experienced technicians assemble, monitor, and service the unit as necessary. Changing out a shaker screens takes only a minute.

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DRILL BEADS Recovery Unit

Drill beads recovery unitDrill Bead Recovery Unit
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