Durable mechanical lubricant

ALPINE DRILL BEADS additive is a completely spherical co-polymer plastic bead designed to provide mechanical lubrication. ALPINE DRILL BEADS lubricant is temperature stable to 450°F, non-abrasive, and offers a compressive strength to 16,000 psi. When used in conjunction with the ALPINE DRILL BEADS recovery unit, the collected additive recovered can be recirculated.

Versatile in any application

Typical applications for ALPINE DRILL BEADS additive includes highly deviated wellbores, wells with high tortuosity, and wells with severe or unplanned doglegs where high torque and drag are encountered. In wells where rotation inside of casing is required for extended periods of time, ALPINE DRILL BEADS lubricant reduces casing wear, and, as a result, reduces the risk of compromised casing integrity. The lubricant is compatible with water-, oil-, and synthetic-base systems.

Multi-functional savings

Friction and the resulting wear is a constant and expensive problems. The high compressive strength of ALPINE DRILL BEADS lubricant minimizes casing wear, reduces torque and drag, and lowers the risk of differential sticking in depleted, under-balanced formations.

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Completely Sphericalco-Polymer Plastic Bead

Designed to act as a mechanical lubricant.


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