Defoaming additive controls foaming in all water-base drilling fluids and brines

The ANTI-FOAM XLRT additive from Alpine Specialty Chemicals is a low-toxicity blend of defoaming agents to control foaming in freshwater or seawater drilling fluids and viscous brine systems. The product also is compatible with all common additives. ANTI-FOAM XLRT has proven to be especially effective in KCI and seawater muds.

Easy to use for superior performance

A more persistent defoamer and anti-foam agent compared with other products, ANTI-XLRT additive is easy to mix, works quickly, and is effective in low concentrations in a wide range of systems. The additive also controls foaming in fluids viscosified with polymers and helps stabilize pump pressure by removing trapped air and gas. The low-toxicity product is environmentally acceptable at recommended concentrations.