Lost Circulation

Lost Circulation leads to formation instability, whole mud losses and significant expense

The seepage of drilling fluid to the formation while drilling is a perineal problem with a variety of causes, both naturally occurring and drilling-induced, that all result in well instability and the loss of significant volumes of drilling fluid. The result is unexpected cost for the driller and potential well instability.

FORM-A-BLOK provides a quick-acting solution for lost circulation and wellbore strengthening

FORM-A-BLOK high-performance, high-strength additive is a single-sack proprietary blend formulated for wellbore strengthening applications and a wide variety of lost circulation scenarios. The material is especially effective for wellbore strengthening applications, curing partial or severe fluid losses to the formation, open-hole remediation, preventive lost circulation squeezes, improvement of casing shoe integrity, and cased-hole squeezes for sealing perforations and casing leaks.

FORM-A-SQUEEZE stops fluid losses in water-base and non-aqueous base fluids

This highly-effective fluid loss material is a cost-effective solution to lost circulation in all types of fractures, vugular formations, matrix, and underground blowout events. It was developed for use in open-hole remediation or as a preventative in lost-circulation squeezes. In addition, it is effective as a plug that is run ahead of cement squeezes, as a plug to improve casing shoe integrity, in the role of a preventive lost circulation material for seepage losses in the active fluid system, and in cased-hole squeezes for sealing perforations and casing leaks.

TIGER BULLETS provide effective sealing and bridging

The TIGER BULLETS additive is a superior bridging agent that is highly effective when drilling high-permeability, high-porosity zones that exhibit differential pressures. This easily mixed and dispersed inert material exhibits minimal effect on drilling fluid properties and can be blended with other lost circulation materials, including nut plug, mica, sized calcium carbonate and gilsonite for optimal results.

CELL-U-SEAL exhibits application versatility

This cellulose fiber bridging agent exhibits the ability to bridge and seal formations in water-, oil-, or synthetic-base drilling fluid systems. It is field-proven to be effective when drilling highly permeable, extremely porous zones with elevated differential pressures. It is equally effective treating seepage losses where only minimal treatment is required and major losses where large-volume batch treatments are necessary.

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